conch republic 200th anniversary key wes

Join the party…the Key West 200th Anniversary Party! Key West, Capitol to The Conch Republic, "The Most Famous U.N. Official Nation in the World", celebrates 200 years of raising the flag! Key West, the Conch Republic, and Key West Legal Rum sponsor a year-long celebration of the 200 years of independence and autonomy with respect for everyone! On March 25, 1822, the US flag was raised in Key West, Florida with a grand feast (and plenty of rum)!

Special limited-edition Key West First Legal Rum ceramic bottles honoring this momentous occasion and celebration. Commemorative labels all-year long on Key West First Legal Rum's silver rum will declare the event to the entire world.

Look for Key West 200th Anniversary to start New Year's Eve, December 31, 2021

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